George Clooney Visits His Biggest Fan In Senior Living Home

An 87-year-old woman in England received the biggest surprise of her life – a visit from George Clooney.

Pat Adams lives in a retirement home in southeast England. The facility has a program called "wish upon a star." For Adams, her wish was to one day meet Clooney, and it's something she's repeatedly wished for.

The staff made several attempts to make it happen and believed it eventually would – because Clooney and his wife, Amal, actually live nearby.

Then, this past Sunday, the Hollywood star paid an unexpected visit to Sunrise Senior Living and asked to see Pat.

Staff brought her down and she was thrilled to see him waiting for her with a bouquet of flowers and a card.

The facility's general manager said, "This was a classy gesture from a wonderful man, and it has brought smiles to everyone at Sunrise of Sonning! Huge thank you to George!"

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Teen Gives Lottery Winnings To His Parents

Who says teens are selfish? A 19-year-old from Michigan won 500,000 in the lottery … and he’s giving almost all of it to his parents.

The teen, who wishes to remain anonymous, is keeping just 5,000 of the winnings for himself.

"My parents have done so much for my sister and me," he said in a statement. "Helping them takes a bit of weight off of their shoulders and mine."

The teen said he was shocked when he realized he’d won on the 10 Golden Wild Time ticket he bought at a gas station.

 "I scratched off in the store and at first I thought they were playing a trick on me until I saw how excited they were about the ticket," he said. "It's just incredible. I can’t get the smile off of my face."


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