Adele Fan Tries To Sell A Bag Of 'Adele Concert Air'

If you think you've seen every type of music memorabilia imaginable for sale, you probably haven't seen this before.

eBay Australia features the auction of a plastic bag filled with air from Adele's March 13th concert in Adelaide. Seller Shaun McDonough writes, "Grab a piece of history for your Adele collection. A true fan must have this air. Bid now for a bargain. Please note, I'm selling a Coles sandwich bag which contains the air."

For the skeptics, he's written "Legit bag of air" on the item in magic marker. So far, it's gotten two bids, with the top one coming in at 15 dollars and 45 cents Australian, the equivalent of just under 12 U.S. dollars. The auction ends Saturday at 8:45 p.m. Australian time.



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