United Airlines Bans Two Girls in Leggings From Flight

Two teen girls were barred from a United Airlines flight on Sunday and a younger girl had to put on a dress after an airline agent working a gate said the leggings they were wearing were inappropriate.

The decision set off a firestorm on social media, with some calling the airline's policy sexist.

The two young women were stopped at a gate at Denver International Airport when they attempted to board a flight to Minneapolis. The incident was first reported on Twitter by a fellow traveler, who also saw a family with two young girls, one of whom was dressed in leggings, arguing with the gate agent.

In the case of the young girl, her mother had a dress in her carry-on, which the girl was able to put on so she could board the plane.

 United defended the decision in tweets and words from spokesman Jonathan Guerin, who said the two girls were "pass travelers" -- employees or dependents who get to fly for free on standby -- and the leggings violated the company's dress code.


Celebrities took to Twitter to let us know their feelings on the situation...



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