Monkeys Help Lost Man Survive In Amazon Rainforest For 9 Days

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Monkeys Help Lost Man Survive In Amazon Rainforest For 9 Days

A 25-year-old man named Maykool Coroseo Acuña was on a tour of a rainforest in the Amazon when he wandered off from the camp where the group was staying.

Amazingly, he was in the wild, lost, for nine days before he was found alive by guides.

Maykool said that he was able to survive because he followed a group of monkeys around out there. The monkeys dropped him fruit and led him to shelter and water every day.

 Of course, Maykool was in rough shape when he was found, with many insect bites and swollen feet and ankles. But, his mind was working just fine as he maintained hope of a rescue the entire time, thanks to the friendly troop of monkeys.

South Carolina Fans Raise $5,000 To Send Superfan To The Final Four

South Carolina Gamecocks reached the Final Four – and fans celebrated the team’s good fortune by raising $5,000 to send a well-known superfan to the next game.

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 But thanks to the generosity of his fellow fans, he’ll be there showing his support in person.



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