New Jersey Man Gets 100th Birthday Wish To Return To His Old Workplace

Not many people have the chance to celebrate their 100th birthday, but one man got his birthday wish. A New Jersey man’s 100th wish was to return to his old job, just for a day. So, that’s what Bill Hansen did.

After three years of retirement, the gentleman wanted to spend his birthday doing what he loved – working.

Hansen was a permit coordinator for years in Cherry Hill, NJ and he got a warm welcome back. The group celebrated the company veteran with a cake and a standing ovation.

Hansen even had a full day’s workload and drew up a one-day contract. The company said they were happy to honor Hansen’s long career and positive contributions to the company.

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Man Saves Bear Cub In The Wilderness 

A man in Oregon was hiking along a river, minding his own business, only to end up rescuing a black bear cub.

Corey Hancock says he was walking along the Santiam River when he spotted the black bear cub lying on its back with its paws out.

He waited for a bit for the bear’s mother, but when she didn’t return, he took the bold step of scooping up the animal and taking it to a wildlife center.

Doctors at the center say Corey was just in time as the cub was very close to death because it was hypothermic, dehydrated, and small for its age.

 The bear – which ended up getting the name Elkhorn – is doing better now. After being under human care, the bear will either go to a rehab center or may end up in a zoo

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