Little Girls Asks CEO Of Gap To Please Make Superhero Shirts For Girls Too

The CEO of The Gap is now taking fashion tips from a 5-year-old girl.

Alice Jacob got upset that The Gap sold Star Wars and superhero shirts for only boys. So she wrote a letter to the company (quote) “All your girl shirts are pink and princesses and stuff like that. The boys’ shirts are really cool. They have Superman, Batman, rock-and-roll and sports. What about girls who like those things like me, and my friend Olivia?"

The letter eventually found its way to Gap CEO Jeff Kirwan, who was touched by the letter and responded to Alice.

He wrote that Alice is a "really cool kid with a great sense of style" and said that he has spoken with designers about coming up with more options for girls.

 Kirwan wrote, "You are right. I think we can do a better job offering even more choices that appeal to everyone. I’ve talked with our designers and we’re going to work on even more fun stuff that I think you’ll like." He then sent Alice some shirts he thought she would like, including one with Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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64-year-old Mark Reimert of Bernville, Pennsylvania, had just one thing to say after finishing his most recent blood donation – “Beat my 100 gallons.”

That’s right. Through the years, Mark has donated a whopping 100 gallons of blood.

To celebrate the milestone, his local blood center presented Mark with a trophy featuring a blown-glass blood droplet. He and other staff members also shared a cake with a big “100” on the frosting to help him celebrate.

Mark has been donating since the late 1970s, once every two or three weeks. The limit of 24 donations a year is all that holds him back. He'd give more if he could.

 And through the years, he's literally saved thousands of lives.

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