This Pregnancy FAQ is the Most Hilarious Thing You'll Read Today

A pregnant woman visiting her obstetrician was in for a pretty hilarious surprise. She was hanging out in the waiting room before appointment, according to Woman's Day, when she stumbled upon an interesting sign. This pregnancy FAQ is the most hilarious thing you'll read all day. The woman also thought this was pretty funny and posted a photo of the FAQ on Reddit. It quickly went viral. 

Apart from being super sassy and funny, a lot of moms are relating to this amazing pregnancy FAQ. Having a baby is definitely a huge change in your life, which can cause you to ask your doctor a million questions they've heard before. The author of this note remains anonymous, but they totally nailed what this experience is like. 

Our personal favorite is the last one on this list: Q: Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again? A: When the kids are in college. LOL! It's true, though...

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