Cuddle + Kind // iHeartThis

Did you know that the first Saturday of every April is National Love Our Children Day?  This is a day that honors all children and encourages us to develop loving and respectful relationships with our kids.

That's where Jen and Derek Woodgate of Cuddle + Kind are taking this whole idea to another level. As parents of three beautiful children, they believe all children should have enough food to eat and an opportunity to thrive.  They donate 10 meals to a child in need for each doll purchased AND they believe in fair trade by having Peruvian women artisans hand make each doll with tender love and care.  It's a great gift to give a mom-to-be who'll truly understand how meaningful Cuddle + Kind is after having a baby of her own!  There's also an assortment of ADORABLE prints to choose from with inspiring messages to little ones like : " Say yes to adventure" and "You are brave, smart & loved". 

Check them out here at to purchase today!

Head over to Instagram right now, "like" 1035ktu & Cuddlekind on Instagram and YOU could win a super cute doll from Cuddle + Kind! Don't forget to tag two of your friends so they can get in on the contest too! 



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