Kylie Jenner and Tyga Might Not Have Broken Up After All

Media outlets have been reporting that Kylie Jenner and her on-again-off-again Tyga had split yet again. They have been in a cycle of breaking up and making up for 2 years now, so it's not very surprising that they might already be on again. While it seemed the two were over, Kylie went and posted some surprising Snapchats over her singing along to two of Tyga's new tracks "Act Ghetto" and "100s."


Tyga's track "Act Ghetto" includes a direct reference to Kylie, as well, with the lyrics "Gettin' checks like Kylie, yeah, every day I do it, yeah / Yesterday, I did it, every time I'm with her." Neither Kylie or Tyga has commented on their current relationship status. Knowing them, though, we'll know soon enough. 


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