People are Moving Away From New York at an Alarming Rate

People are leaving New York City at a faster rate than ever before. In fact, more people are leaving the New York region than any other major metropolitan area in the United States. According to The New York Post, more than 1 million people left New York City since 2010, which is a rate of 4.4 percent. This is the highest negative net migration rate among the United States' biggest cities, the Post is reporting. Their data comes from U.S. Census records. 

The U.S. Census considers parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley as part of the New York City region. The number of people leaving this region is increasing year by year. The number jumped from 187,034 in 2015 to 223,423 in 2016, which is a huge jump. Not only are people living in this area of the country leaving, but immigrants coming to the United States are choosing to settle elsewhere, as well. 

According to the US Census reports, Americans have been choosing to relocate from the eastern US and the Rust Belt to cities in Florida, Texas and the Northwest at an increasing rate. As the country's economy improves, more jobs are available in other regions of the country. Retirees are also choosing to ditch the harsh NYC winters and head to warmer parts of the country. 

Despite the amount of people choosing to leave the region, the New York region is still the most populated area in the country with 23.7 million residents. 


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