Cookies & Creme Oreos Are Here

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We love when OREO comes up with crazy flavors. Everything from Swedish Fish to PEEPS flavored Oreos...and they're always amazing. Now they have put out COOKIES & CREME FLAVORED! But wait...isn't that what a normal Oreo flavor is? Hmm? We will just have to try and find out!

The winners of Walmart's Oreo flavor vote contest are out in stores... The three contenders were Cookies & Creme, Caramel Apple, and Jelly Donut. The first two have been out before, and that fact alone should have made Jelly Donut the winner. But nope, Oreo flavored Oreos won. It's not a bad deal for Mondelez, because they can rework broken Oreos back into the filling and reduce costs. But c'mon... Jelly Donut was an option. Luckily, Jelly Donut Oreos are still happening this year! Looks like they will be a store exclusive somewhere other than Walmart. Hallelujah!

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