Shia LaBeouf's New Movie Sold Just One Ticket at the Box Office

If you think you had a bad weekend, Shia LaBeouf's new movie sold only one ticket at the British box office. The war movie "Man Down" premiered at one theatre in northwest England and grossed just $8.70 off the sale of a singular ticket. Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore,  told Variety “that opening could be in the Guinness World Records or something.” Yikes. 

The film, which follows a  Marine who returns home from Afghanistan and searches for his estranged wife and son, was released simultaneously on demand. This probably had a big effect on it's box office turn out in the one theatre it debuted in. To make matters worse, the movie also received a poor rating of 15 percent on rotten tomatoes. 

Better luck next time, Shia!

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