VIDEO: Carolina Learns How To Make Slime With One Of Our Listeners

Meet Izzy Vilchez! Her and her family are big KTU fans and listen to us everyday! We didn't know this until we talked about Izzy during Feel God News when we mentioned her in a story! Izzy is only 12 years old and is already a successful entrepreneur! She started making her own Slime and saw success selling it at school events, everyone wanted some! NOW she even has her own Etsy store! She started by putting the money away for college and then she decided she wanted to donate to an amazing cause. Relay For Life! She wanted to honor her Grandfather who passed away of Cancer. What an amazing young woman! We wanted to have her in because we were DYING to learn how to make SLIME!! Watch the video below and you can learn to!! Thank you IZZY!! 



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