VIDEO: Mets Fan Was Furious At NJ Transit For Ruining Opening Day

Frank Fleming, 41, tore the New Jersey Transit system a new one after he spent a total of nearly 10 hours on trains Monday.

HE SAID QUOTE “I was stuck in a tunnel underground for almost 5 hours before the game with this terrible buzzing sound in my ear. And then they announce the wrong tracks are open — they’re sending us running around everywhere — and I had to get an Uber. I ended up missing the opening ceremony, and the opening pitch, which is the best part.”

By the time the game ended, the train trouble still hadn’t been fixed, so he suffered through another grueling 4.5-hour ride back to New Jersey, he said.

HE SAID QUOTE: “I’m tellin’ you, it was like that movie ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ — only it was subways, PATHs and Ubers!” the Belleville, NJ resident ranted. “New Jersey Transit is the worst! They need get it together!”



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