High School Sweethearts Reunite After More Than 60 Years

Joyce Kevorkian and James Bowman were High School sweethearts back in 1953. They didn't really keep in touch after High School, and they each got married and had kids of their own. They both became widowed when Joyce received a letter from James saying they should catch up. Long story short, they did catch up and this April they were married! 64 years after they were together in High School <3

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A group of volunteers in San Antonio, Texas, spent their weekend decorating and furnishing homes for teenagers who don't have one.

The volunteers worked with the Roy Maas Youth Alternatives' Turning Point program, which provides housing for homeless teens who have gotten too old for foster care. The program also helps prepare the teens for adulthood, teaching them how to be productive members of society.

The volunteers had access to a bunch of unused furniture, so they delivered the furniture to five different houses – and redecorated the houses along the way.

 Amazingly, the Roy Maas Youth Alternative programs have served nearly 80,000 troubled kids since being established in 1976 – and this recent donation will help the charity continue to doing good work in the years to come.

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