Train That Can Go from New York City to D.C. in 20 Minutes Being Developed

It looks like long distance travel is about to be completely revolutionized. A pioneering transportation company, Hyperloop One, has officially unveiled their plans to create a high-speed tube that will be able to transport travelers from New York City to Washington D.C. in roughly 20 minutes. Yes, you read that right. This new and improved "train" is actually a series of electromagnetic tubes that will transport passengers in levitating pods at speeds up to 700mph. 

“I think it’s going to become a reality,” The former head of the D.C. Department of Transportation, Gabe Klein, told NBC New York. “I think it may take longer than people think to get through all the right-of-way clearances and the sort of government regulations. But I think we are in for a sea change in terms of long-haul transportation.”

While there's a lot of talk about how quickly commuters will be able to get from NYC to D.C., Hyperloop has big plans that will completely change the way we travel across the country. According to NBC News, the transportation company aims to connect 80 percent of the United States with their electromagnetic tubes. This would seriously decrease the amount of time we spend traveling in this country. These Hyperloop tubes would cut down cross country travel to 5 hours or less. That's pretty unbelievable. 

It will be a few years before these transportation tubes are complete. When they are done, though, expect a serious shift in the way people live, travel, and commute. 

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