Turkish Flight Attendants Help Deliver Baby Mid-Flight

Turkish Airlines flight attendants are used to delivering drinks and meals on international flights. What they're not used to delivering though is babies, which they can now say they've done.

A recent West Africa flight from Guinea to Burkina Faso added an unexpected passenger when a woman suddenly went into labor in just her 28th week.

Flight attendants put away their drink carts and went to work. They laid the mother down on a row of seats and successfully delivered a baby girl. The mother and her baby were healthy and doing well, but as soon as the plane landed they were taken to a hospital.

 Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines welcomed the special delivery and praised its flight crew in a tweet saying, "Welcome on board Princess! Applause goes to our cabin crew!"


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Woman Donates Ambulance…Then Gets Rescued By It

Last year, a couple in Australia won a raffle prize and decided to give back by donating an ambulance to a hospital. That decision ended up helping them as well – because the wife got a ride to the hospital in that same ambulance.

Just a few months ago, Beryl and Doug Goods won a big cash prize but decided they didn’t need the money, so they donated a 180,000 ambulance to the hospital.

Recently, Beryl slipped in her home, cutting her chin and breaking her arm. And sure enough, the ambulance that she and Doug donated showed up at her front door to take her to the emergency room.

It was the first time Beryl had ever broken a bone and she admitted she was surprised – and actually excited – to see the vehicle and was very impressed with how everything worked.

 Beryl is now recovering. And while she always hoped she would never need to go in an ambulance, she was pleased with the decision she made to make the donation.



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