VIDEO: Color Blind Man Sees Full Color Spectrum For The First Time

Carson Stafford got his 66-year-old father the best gift he’s ever received! His father has been color blind his entire life and has never seen a color.

Carson’s father opened up his present and saw a box of glasses. A family member can be heard in the background saying ‘those are special glasses!’

His father put on the glasses on and immediately gasps and breaks down into tears. The EnChroma glasses made it possible for him to see colors! He had never seen color in his life and he could now see the magic of the world in color!

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Dog Helps Pro Golfer Win Tournament

Over the weekend, pro golfer Sergio Garcia won The Masters golf tournament for the first time, which was – by far – the biggest win of his long career.

During interviews after the victory, Sergio gave credit for his success to a more positive attitude on the course, a more mature outlook on his life, and his supportive fiancée.

But in the last day or two, golf fans have suggested that everyone has been missing an obvious good luck charm – Sergio’s black Pomeranian named Bear.

It seems the only other tournament that Bear traveled to before The Masters was a contest last year that Sergio also won. That means Sergio is undefeated when Bear is around … which really means, Bear is undefeated.

 We will see if Sergio is paying attention. If he is, we might see Bear at Sergio’s next tournament in June.

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