The Real Reason Kim Kardashian's Instagram is Causing Controversy

Everybody knows that the Kardashian family can basically spin gold out of an Instagram post. The social media pros reportedly make over 6 figures to promote products on their personal accounts, so it's not surprising when you come across a Kardashian sponsored #Ad while scrolling through your feed. Whether it's Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, or Kylie, you're bound to run into these promotions now and again. It's usually something benign, like FitTea or that teeth whitening product they seem to love. Kim has found herself in a bit of hot water, though, after posting a new #Ad to her account. 

The real reason Kim Kardashian's Instagram is causing controversy doesn't actually have anything to do with the fact that she posted the ad. It has to do with the way she chose to promote her sponsored product. The business mogul decided to promote Diclegis, a prescription drug that fights morning sickness in pregnant women, which she has sponsored on social media in the past. It's an odd photo, with an even odder caption, and people are calling Kim out for it. 


If you read through Kim's lengthy caption, it's pretty obvious that she didn't write this herself. One of the things that makes the Kardashians so successful, as well as compulsively consumable, is that they're also able to spin things to sound like it's truly coming from themselves. This new Instagram ad is decidedly off brand for Kim, who mastered the art of the sponsored Instagram post a long time ago. The caption reads like she copy and pasted a warning label from the drug and her fans know why. As Refinery 29 reports, Kim received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after she promoted Diclegis two years ago. They said the reality star failed to provide any information about the drug's risks and side effects. Instead of trying to inform her fans about the risks in her own voice this time around, she simply copy and pasted. Her fans are just not having it. 

Another issue fans are taking with the post is the shoddy photoshop job. Kim's Instagram aesthetic has changed significantly in 2017, so the fact that her old ad was placed into this new photo is pretty obvious. The old stands out against the grainy, ~artsy~ new vibe Kim is using on her social media accounts. It makes the whole thing look pretty unrealistic and has people wondering how the usually savvy Kim let this one fly.  


Lastly, people are coming for Kim simply because she's promoting a drug for morning sickness when she isn't pregnant. It seems like these guys need to have a family meeting and regroup on their sponsorship plans. After all, this isn't the only bad ad the Kardashian family has been caught up in lately. 


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