Who is Kelly Marie Tran? She Has an Important Role in The Last Jedi


The new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has just debuted at a panel for Stars Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. Many of the franchises most familiar faces were present to talk about the upcoming face. There was a new face joining them, though, this actress won't be an unknown for long. There were plenty of casting rumors for this film last year, with big names like Tatiana Maslany and Gina Rodriguez being tossed around. Everybody was pretty surprised to hear that Kelly Marie Tran was cast in the mysterious role. There's finally some more information Tran, as well as her role, after the panel. 


Tran has appeared in a number television series, such as About A Boy, Comedy Bang! Bag!, and Ladies Like Us.  While she's been steadily acting for years now, The Last Jedi is set to be her big break into the mainstream. It's been revealed that's going to have a pretty major role in the next film, as well. Tran will be playing a character named Rose and has the biggest part of the new characters in The Last Jedi, according to the panel. 


The only other information we currently have about Rose is that she's a maintenance worker for the resistance. If we know anything about how Star Wars works, she won't be just a maintenance worker for long. Rey was once somebody who pulled scraps from desert planet junkyards. Luke Skywalker used to be only a farm boy on Tatooine. We can't wait to learn more about Rose and see what intergalactic adventures she gets up to in The Last Jedi. 


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