Here's Why People are So Unhappy with the 'Girls' Finale

Girls came to an end last night after a 6 season run on HBO. It seems crazy that last night's episode was the last we'll hear from Hannah Horvath and Co. We've seen Hannah, Shoshanna, Jessa, and Marnie through some pretty tough situations and we've come to feel like we truly know these characters. It's difficult to end any show, let alone one people have such strong feelings about. While some people were happy with the way Girls ended, there are others who feel it was a big letdown. So, why are people so unhappy with the Girls finale? It was a far cry from what they were expecting. 

Some of the disappointed fans took to Twitter to explain their feelings about the finale. "I wasn't expecting a clean happy ending," one user wrote. "But I wasn't expecting a boring nipple filled one either." The finale takes place at Hannah's new home in upstate New York, where she's caring for her newborn son Grover with the help of Marnie. The plot of the episode center's around Hannah's inability to get Grover to breastfeed, which is what drives the majority of the action in the last episode ever. 


Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner, and Judd Apatow, the creative team behind the finale, decided to show an intimate look at Hannah's life as a new mother. It appears that fans were expecting more, well, girls to be present in the episode. Marnie plays a major role in the episode, however, Jessa and Shoshanna are nowhere to be found. It appears the penultimate episode, titled "Goodbye Tour", really was the end of the foursome of friends that fans had been watching for the past 6 seasons. 

Many people are looking at the finale as an epilogue of sorts, where they find "Goodbye Tour" to feel like the true finale. It offered closure for all four main characters. Shoshanna had moved on from her friendships and found love with Byron Long. Jessa finally apologized for how she handled the Adam situation. The episode came to a close as all 4 girls danced to their own beat. 


Whether or not you loved the Girls finale, it's still a bummer the show has come to an end. We'll miss Hannah, Shosh, Jessa, and Marnie. You never know, though. Maybe they'll pull a Sex and the City and come back for 2 movies somewhere down the line. 


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