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When my husband wants to go see a movie, I can't help but feel jealous that he can house an entire large popcorn WITH EXTRA BUTTER on his own and not gain a pound. If I so much as reach over just to have a taste, I gain weight and get bloated from the sodium! I've been looking for a healthy alternative that doesn't compromise taste and found it in New Pop! 

New Pop is skinless popcorn that's popped at high pressure to give you the tastiest, most guilt- free treat on the market! Want to make yourself feel even better? New Pop is fat free, gluten free, and free of all allergens like peanuts, soy, dairy salt, wheat and eggs! I bet you are wondering, well what does it taste like if it's skinless AND free of all of those things? You can choose from 3 delicious flavors; original, hot and sweet and sweet cinnamon. And if you finish the entire bag like I did after I tried it for the first time? Not to worry, it's under 200 calories! So go skinless and try some New Pop when you want to indulge!  

For more info and to purchase, head here today!  And, for 5 lucky winners that follow New Pop and KTU on Instagram, just use #iheartthis and you could win an awesome sample prize pack today! 

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