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It's no secret that I have become totally addicted to yoga and of all the things to be obsessed with, I'd say this has been one of my healthier vices to date!  I never knew this prior, but there are certain leggings you can or should wear to practice yoga and there are others you just shouldn't. I learned this the hard way...when you're chillin' in child's pose, let's just say you don't want all of your goodness hanging out!!!  

That's why I've love working out in Strut-This leggings and tops. With just the right amount of spandex to allow you to move, the breathable fabric let's you sweat all of your stress away and you look hella good doing it! 

Strut-This activewear can take you from the studio to the streets with their fun prints and cutting edge designs. What makes me love this brand even more? I'm supporting four women entrepreneurs who really have their fingers on the pulse of what other women want and need. My fave style online right now? The Shameless pant in moss camo.  It'll make you feel like EVERYTHING and I love the fact that I don't have to try their clothing on- it's all One Size so you're bound to find something you love! 

I have a few pairs of their amazing leggings to giveaway to you guys, I'm so excited! Just follow Strut-This and 103.5 KTU on Instagram and comment with #iHeartThis to win!

Check out their new spring collection right here today!

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