This Crazy '13 Reasons Why' Theory Will Make You Second Guess Everything

If you haven't watched 13 Reasons Why yet, you need to go home right now and start binge-ing on Netflix. This show has been the only thing we can talk about because there are so many important details you might miss if you aren't paying close enough attention. There are a variety of theories about the show's complex web of characters and stories popping up on line everyday, so our opinion on 13 Reasons Why is constantly changing. There's one crazy 13 Reasons Why theory that has us second guessing everything. 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!!


It's revealed at the end of the first season that Alex Standall, one of the teenagers featured on Hannah Baker's tapes, has shot himself in the head. Throughout the show's 13 episodes, Alex felt the most guilty over Hannah's death. While his peer were worried about the consequences if the tapes got out, Alex was seen multiple times struggling with his grief and guilt over what happened to Hannah, as well as the role he played in her demise. He's seen falling into a poll in an earlier episode and staying underwater for an unnaturally long time. Alex's own suicide attempt was definitely hinted at and foreshadowed throughout the show, however, some fans believe this was a red herring. 

There's a theory being floated around that suggests Alex did not, in fact, shoot himself in the head. The theory suggests that Alex was actually shot by another character on the show. While Alex was shown toiling in the wake of Hannah's death, Tyler was also shown with a number of guns in his room. Tyler, while definitely creepy for taking photos of Hannah through the windows of her home, was brutally bullied at school. In his grief, Alex was seen speaking firmly to Tyler on a number of occasions. In one of the last episodes, Tyler is seen looking at a photo of Alex in the photo lab. This has fans convinced that Tyler shot Alex.


13 Reasons Why ended with a bunch of loose ends, Alex's fate being one of them. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee of a second season yet.  All we have right now are theories about what really happened to Alex. What do you think? Did Tyler shoot Alex or was this another tragic suicide attempt? 


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