You Definitely Didn't Recognize This Iconic 90's Actor in 13 Reasons Why

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with 13 Reasons Why. Yeah, that's what we thought. It's impossible not to get invested in the story of Hannah Baker, Clay Jenson, and all their peers struggling in the wake of unimaginable tragedy. While the show is filled with heavy, serious material, there's one truly awesome thing about the show you might have missed. An iconic 90' actor makes a small cameo in 13 Reasons Why and you definitely might have missed it. 

Wilson Cruz appears towards the end of the show's first season run as the Baker's lawyer. He's seen deposing all the kids featured on the tapes, making sure Hannah's parents get a fair shot in their case. He's referred to as Attorney Vasquez, which is a cheeky little nod to his famous role on a 90's television show. Cruz played Ricky Vasquez on My So-Called Life and we're SO happy he's back on our TV screens. 

Fans of My So-Called Life are pretending that Attorney Vasquez from 13 Reasons Why is just the grown up version of Ricky Vasquez. As Buzzfeed points out, as "an openly gay teenager in the early '90s, Ricky's character was well-acquainted with bullying...which would have made him the perfect guy to represent the Bakers in their lawsuit."

Needless to say, when people figured out that it was Wilson Cruz...they were pumped. Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement over the revival of Ricky Vasquez as a kick-ass lawyer standing up for Hannah Baker. 

Maybe if 13 Reasons Why does get a second season, we'll get to see even more of this character as the Baker's take on their daughter's high school in a law suit. 

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