VIDEO: Bride Replaces Bouquets With Puppies In Her Wedding Photos

A bride in Charlotte, North Carolina, decided to change things up during a photo shoot with her bridesmaids. Instead of having the bridal party pose with flowers, Meghan Butler arranged for the women to pose with puppies.

All of the bridesmaids were excited about the idea because they were all animal lovers – and it was a great fit for Meghan, especially since she and her husband, Brett, have two adopted dogs of their own.

 The “puppy bouquets” ended up sending a powerful message about the importance of adopting dogs from animal shelters and rescue facilities.


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New York's Homeless Girl Scouts Make History In The Big Apple

The members of Girl Scout Troop 6000 in Queens, New York, all earned their first merit badges before even putting on their uniforms – by surviving life in one of the city’s homeless shelters.

The troop, which was established as part of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign to provide better services for the city’s 24,000 homeless children, includes 21 girls, ranging in age from 7 to 14.

14-year-old Hailey, one of the scouts, tells the New York Times, "We're starting a chain reaction. Hopefully, in the next couple years, there will be more Girl Scout troops in shelters."



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