Puppy Saves Family From Fire

When Ann Jones and her teenage daughter, Elizabeth, adopted a golden retriever puppy recently, they were excited about the joy and fun the dog, which they named Berkeley, would bring to their house. Little did they know that the puppy would save their lives.

Berkeley – just four months old – started barking in the early morning hours loud enough to wake Ann and Elizabeth. This was a good thing, because they were able to discover that their two-story home was on fire – and were also able to escape and call the fire department.

Emergency crews from the surrounding area arrived quickly and were able to contain the fire and prevent anyone from being injured.

 Ann and Elizabeth are certainly thankful to the fire department for their quick work, but are also thankful to their diligent puppy hero, Berkeley.

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Because of difficult situations around the world, there are many communities of refugee families in cities across America, including Dallas, Texas.

An Eagle Scout there named Tyler Olsen realized that transportation can be a tough hurdle, so he decided to collect used bikes and donate them to these families.

Tyler started collecting bikes in January and ended up with 58 total.

He then got his troop involved to help make minor repairs before they delivered them to the refugees.

Tyler said he decided to donate to refugee children because they have next to nothing when they come to the United States and was inspired to donate bikes because “having a bike is like being free.”

 Children from Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan – among other countries – received the bikes, and many of the kids said it was the first bike they've ever owned.

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