Family Finds $14,000 In Cash And Gives It Back

A family found a bag of $14,000 in cash on the street in Worthington, Ohio. But instead of taking the money and running, they delivered the bag to a nearby police station.

It seems someone brought the cash to a car dealer – then decided they didn’t want the car after all. Somewhere along the way, the money was dropped. Luckily, it was found by Jake Bowers and his family.

 Jake admits that the money could have been used to pay off debts, to take a vacation, or even to buy groceries. Instead, Jake used the money as an opportunity to teach his kids about doing the right thing, knowing that returning the money to the rightful owner would make a much bigger difference in that person’s life.

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4-Year-Old Donates Books To Police Officers

A meeting with a motorcycle officer inspired a 4-year-old to donate her books to a police department – so officers could give them to kids they meet while out on patrol.

The 4-year-old, Khloe Joiner, of Missouri City, Texas, admits she’s a chatterbox – and her outgoing nature was a big reason she got to meet motorcycle officer Jessica Berry.

After meeting on the street and waving to each other, they reconnected and formed a friendship.

Khloe wanted to show Jessica her appreciation, so she drew a picture of the officer and gave it to her. But that wasn’t the end of it. She wanted to do even more.

So, Khloe started collecting money to buy books to give to Jessica and other officers so they would have something to offer other children.

Khloe wisely believes that books are a good way to say, “I’m your friend.”

 And thanks to Khloe’s generosity, Jessica now considers Khloe a good friend, calling her “just the sweetest girl ever” and “adorable.”

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