Rihanna Photoshopped Queen Elizabeth's Head Onto Her Instagram Photos

Rihanna may have crossed the line this time. Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 91st birthday Friday, and Rih Rih celebrated by superimposing the elderly monarch's head onto a picture of her own heavenly body and posting it to Instagram. It's since been removed.

Who wouldn't want Rih Rih's body for a birthday present? Still, the stuffy royals aren't likely to get the joke, especially since the singer sported sexy thigh-high hooker boots in the photo. To make matters worse, Rihanna captioned the photo, "Be humble."

And there was a second photo. This one had the Queen's head plastered on Rih Rih striking a pose in a sequined body suit.

 While the photos were mostly a hit with Rihanna's followers, loads of fans clapped back. hek24 wrote,  "This is SO disrespectful! Do not ask for respect when [you] don't give any."

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