Kenny G. Performs On A Delta Flight At 34,000 Feet For A Good Cause

Every airline passenger hopes for a smooth flight, but it doesn't get much smoother than this.

When all we've been hearing about lately are horror stories involving airlines, it's refreshing to hear something nice like this – and it's all because of Kenny G.

The smooth jazz artist treated passengers on board a Delta flight from Tampa to Los Angeles on Saturday to an impromptu performance.

An off-duty flight attendant was talking to the saxaphonist and mentioned that she lost her daughter to brain cancer and was hoping to raise money for Relay for Life. Kenny then said he would perform through the cabin if passengers raised at least 1,000.

 Passengers reached deep into their pockets and raised $2,000. So, as promised, Kenny G walked up and down the aisle playing some of his songs for delighted passengers.

Listen to today's episode of Feel Good News below!


Woman Saves Man's Life On Their First Date

Going on a first date is stressful enough, but for a man and a woman in Missouri, things were especially stressful when the man was choking and the woman had to spring into action and save his life.

Janine Hall was having a nice time with a man she met on a dating site. They were enjoying a “wonderful meal and great conversation,” and then Janine’s date started coughing. Things got so bad that her date stood up and collapsed.

Janine, who happens to be a former respiratory therapist, began CPR and got her date’s heart pumping again. She followed paramedics to the hospital, and left her card with hospital staff so she could be updated by her date’s family.

Her date bounced back and asked Janine for a second date – while he was still in the hospital.

 The two are looking forward to getting together again – and, hopefully, will be able to enjoy a calm evening that doesn’t involve another life-and-death situation.


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