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Nothing kills a workout faster than having to stop down, wipe your sweat or have to reposition your grip in order to keep on going. Whether you're into Orange Theory, Crossfit, Pilates or even Yoga it can happen to all of us. Get a grip with Props Athletics! 

Props half fingered, tight fit gloves allow you to get the most out of every workout while minimizing germ transfer and giving you the security and stability you're looking for! Need a little something extra??? Try the ultimate armsleeve for ultimate function without compromising fashion! With Props gloves and footbands, you can even help create a mat on your body; no other brand can claim that! 

Why are Props what you need to get more from your workout? For some of us, it's just what we need to focus on what's most important- proper form to finish an awesome workout. Many props to you for just getting to the gym; even more for getting it done with Props Athletics!

Follow Props Athletics and 103.5 KTU on Instagram and use #iHeartThis for your chance to win a pair of Props Athletics half fingered, tight fit gloves!

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