Brad Pitt Opened Up About His Drinking Problem In His GQ Magazine Interview

Brad Pitt told GQ magazine that he quit drinking.

What Brad didn’t say was he’s joined Alcoholics Anonymous. Shortly after New Year’s he entered a rehab where they introduced him to 12-step meetings. Brad found a men’s only group in Malibu. It’s an exclusive A.A. meeting for Hollywood millionaires.

Brad bragged to GQ,  “Truthfully, I could drink a Russian under the table with his own vodka.”

His last big bender happened to be that September night when Angelina Jolie left him. Their private plane landed in Minnesota. He was plastered and belligerent. She called a limo service for her and the kids.

They left Brad on the tarmac, where he peed on the runway and hijacked a fuel truck. Allegedly.

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