Teen With Cerebral Palsy Meets Yankees Thanks To His Classmates

A high school senior from North Carolina, a die hard Yankees fan with cerebral palsy, fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams last night.

He wanted to go to a Yankees game and, thanks to his classmates, he finally did.

Christian Heavner could have gone anywhere on earth.

But he was right where he wanted to be, on the field at Yankee Stadium, hanging out with the guys.

Brett Gardner and Chase Headley stopped by to say "hello." And so did Didi Gregorious and Adam Warren.

Just about all of the players came over during batting practice, where Christian looked on from the big screen in center, and from right there on the field and got autographs, and got so much more.

Christian sat there in the afternoon sun on the field and took it all in: the sounds and the love.

He said, "It means the world to me. I've wanted to do this since I was a little boy, I appreciate it,"

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Earlier this year, the Cincinnati Zoo relied upon medical experts at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center to help a hippo named Fiona who was born premature.

Fiona was struggling to gain weight and needed a life-saving IV catheter, which the doctors and nurses were able to administer.

Since then, Fiona has bounced back and the zoo staff is thanking the medical center – as well as celebrating Fiona’s success – by donating onesies printed with the hashtag TeamFion to premature infants there.

 The Cincinnati Zoo is also hoping to let anyone dealing with a premature birth to know they have a friend in Fiona

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