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When I was working on my tv show a couple of years ago, I would have to wear makeup every day.  A LOT OF IT.  I would race to the makeup room after we were done just to make sure I would get my wipes to take it all off. Once budgets were cut, we were literally cutting these makeup wipes in half because these were that damn good!  

Alcone's Makeoff Cloths take off a full face of makeup without leaving oily residue and are great for all skin types! Plus, you don't have to tug and pull just to remove eye makeup! Another thing I love about them? You don't even have to rinse your face after you use them like other wipes!!! 

Today only for KTU listeners, Alcone is offering 50% off their AMAZING Makeoff Cloths plus free shipping! These were key this weekend while I was in Vegas because by the time I got back to the hotel I was too tired and lazy to take off my makeup but these give you no excuse! Head here to order and for more info today!  

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