Little Girl Returns To School With Prosthetic Sports Blade, The Reaction From Her Friends Is Priceless

A little girl in Birmingham, England, appears in an adorable viral video that has been drawing happy tears from millions of people around the world.

The seven-year-old, named Anu, has one leg and was out of school for a little while. She recently returned with a brand-new prosthetic sports blade, which would allow her to run and be more active.

The moment she was reunited with her classmates was captured on video and their response was better than anyone could have ever imagined.

 Any nerves Anu might have had going to school that day were quickly erased as soon as she was greeted with hugs and cheers. She then took the opportunity to show her friends what she could do with her new leg and ran all around the schoolyard.

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12-year-old Raesean Eaton of Spokane, Washington, recently decided that he wanted to dedicate his birthday this year to people less fortunate than him, so he collected 250 pairs of shoes from communities all around him and donated them to a local mission.

Raesean said he was inspired by a man he met at a local furniture store that gives back to those in need. Raesean realized that this man wasn’t the only one who could use some help, so he took action and started his shoe drive.

 Raesean had so much fun and felt so good about his efforts, that he’s thinking of doing something like this again in the future – maybe collecting and donating clothes instead of shoes.

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