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It's no secret that I have to get my hair colored about every 4 weeks or so; I started going gray when I was about 20 and considering that my Dad's hair turned gray in HIS 20's, I can safely say it's hereditary! I am not ready to be a silver fox just yet, so I need to protect my color at all times in order to get as much longevity as I can between colorings! 

That's where eSalon has it all figured out! They've packaged their HEART LOCK IT shampoo, LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY conditioner and SHINING ARMOR oil in a convenient travel bundle so you can protect hair color, add strength, and boost shine even when you're on the go! All products are safe for color-treated hair and you can basically just pop it in your carry on and go! 

Today only for KTU listeners, follow eSalon on Instagram and KTU, comment with #iheartthis and you could be a lucky winner of eSalon's travel trio today! 

To purchase this and other eSalon products, just head here today:

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