Groom Chooses 90-Year-Old Grandpa To Be His Best Man

When KC Schafer decided to get married, he knew immediately who should be his best man.

The 27-year-old picked his 90-year-old grandfather Charles to stand next to him when he got hitched to his bride Sarah in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ever since KC Schafer was a little kid, he always told his grandpa he was going to be his best man at his wedding, but Charles Schafer never really took him seriously.

Even still, it wasn’t until his grandson called him to try on tuxes that he knew he was serious.

KC and Sarah Schafer wed on April 15, the same day Charles married his wife in 1950.

KC said it was “such a great feeling” to have his grandpa by his side on the big day, especially since they now share their cherished wedding date.

“I felt real proud. It was an honor,” Charles Schafer said.

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