Teen Plans To Take Grandmother To Prom

A high school in California has a strict prom policy of no dates over the age of 20, but school officials are agreeing to let it slide for one student who wants to bring his much older date.

Michael Ganczewski has the school's permission to bring his 74-year-old grandmother to the prom.

After Michael found out that his grandma Josephine missed her prom in 1961 because her family couldn't afford it, he knew he had to invite her along as his date.

 Josephine says, "At first, when he came to me, I said no way. I'm not going to the prom, I'm an old lady! Get over it." But Michael wasn't taking no for an answer. He says his classmates know about his plan to take his grandma and are all supportive. (

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An 8-year-old girl in Florida is being called a hero after making a 911 call that may have saved her grandmother’s life.

Skyla Sullivan’s 80-year-old great grandmother Jean was reaching for something under her car when she lost her footing and got pinned under the vehicle because the car had shifted.

Amazingly, Skyla stayed calm as she called 911 and explained to the operator what happened, offering detailed and important information that helped the rescue crew understand exactly what was at stake.

Sheriff’s deputies and members of the fire department showed up to get Jean out of trouble and get her to the hospital.

 All the adults involved recognized that Skyla did an amazing job, acting beyond her young age to provide key information that helped her grandmother get the care she needed in a very timely manner.

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