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Sometimes at the end of a long day you just need a drink to take the edge off... and now that it's getting nice outside, I like to mix it up with a daquiri or a margarita but I don't necessarily always have the right ingredients. Plenty of tequila for a margarita, but sour mix? Not so much. Or when you have a bunch of friends over, you may want to make cocktails for everyone but when it's all said and done, you've been behind the bar and missing all the fun!  

Well now you won't have to miss out on anything or go shopping before having your favorite cocktail thanks to Swig + Swallow! Swig + Swallow has mixes that come in pre-filled bottles that give you directions that are so fool proof you CAN'T GET IT WRONG.  All you have to do is fill your bottle with your desired spirit to the dotted line and you have a delicious cocktail that tastes like you went to mixology school! Swig + Swallow only uses natural, fresh squeezed juices with no added preservatives, flavors or colors leaving you with a truly delicious cocktail to enjoy!  

Today only for KTU listeners, Swig + Swallow is offering 10% off your order for their sampler pack so you can try their take on the daquiri, moscow mule, margarita, cosmo and more for yourself! Juse use the code iHeartThis!  

Head here to purchase today!  

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