Man Orders Pizza From Stranded Amtrak train

An Amtrak passenger and pizza deliveryman helped feed hungry passengers on a stranded train Sunday evening. A video posted on Twitter shows a deliveryman walking along the side of the tracks to bring the unusual order to the waiting customer aboard Northeast Regional train 161.

He later thanked Dom's N.Y. Style Pizzeria for "feeding us because Amtrak won't."

Dom's Pizza owner Dominic Philingera told the said that his driver cut through a backyard, stepped down a steep embankment and over a water-filled ditch to bring the pie to the passengers. Philingera says the driver has delivered pizza in 18 states, but "this was a first for him."

Amtrak said the train was delayed by a mechanical issue shortly after departing Wilmington, Del. Passengers were eventually picked up by a rescue train. The train from Boston arrived at Union Station in Washington D.C. at 8:40 p.m., more than three hours behind schedule.

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