Andy Cohen Reacts To Kelly Ripa Making Ryan Seacrest Her New Co-Host

Loyal listener of KTU, Andy Cohen joins Cubby and Carolina in the Morning to talk his new show Love Connection, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and if he's writing another book! 

After wanting a show like Love Connection 5 or 6 years ago, Fox finally has given Andy the opportunity he's been waiting for. The show will feature single men/women in search for love. After the single contestants are sent on three blind dates they will reveal the 'dirt' in front of a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE, over seen by Andy. Andy even let us know that contestants will rate each other's looks based on first impressions and there may even be a $10,000 money or love twist! When asked about his part in the reboot, Andy says, "I get in there and make it as awkward or amazing as I possibly can." He even insures to Cubby that, "there are many love connections," made on the show! 

"Game shows just work," Andy and Cubby agree on that. Cubby, a long-time game show fan, asked Andy what other game show he would love to see get a reboot! Andy responds saying he loved Card Sharks

Before he left, Carolina made sure to ask about what he thought of Kelly Ripa choosing Ryan Seacrest as her co-host making her show, Live with Kelly and Ryan! Andy tells us, "It's good. I think it's good. I think it's really good for Kelly. Look, my priority is Kelly because she's my good buddy and I think she's really happy and uh you know what, I think this show is going to go and go with Ryan of course. It's two huge names together so."

And of course we couldn't let him leave without asking if he was writing another book. After successfully publishing 'The Andy Cohen Diaries' and 'Superficial,' we had to know if Andy was going to write another book about his life and the fabulous people he hangs out with. Well Andy told us he wasn't really thinking about writing another book but then he had tea with the legendary Aretha Franklin, and began thinking about writing another one! 

Find out what happened when Andy cursed in front of The Muppets and his reaction to having Goldie Hawn on his show 'Watch What Happens Live' in his full interview with Cubby and Carolina above! Also be sure to check out his new show Love Connection, May 25th on Fox 9/8c.  

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