Brooklyn Cupcake // iHeartThis

Why did I find out about Brooklyn Cupcake. Honestly. Why did they have to tap into my every want and need and create a perfect cake in a cup to satisfy it? I left Miami and craved my guava pasteles. Oh, look. Brooklyn Cupcakes makes a GUAVA CUPCAKE. The other day, I was wanting a little bit of comfort and told my Mama I wanted her Tres Leches. Wouldn't you know? Brooklyn Cupcakes MAKES A TRES LECHES CUPCAKE THAT IS MOIST AND YUMMY AND IS ALL KINDS OF WRONG.... but it's so right!!!

Carmen, Gina and Michelle all got together and took advantage of their mixed cultural backgrounds, tossed in a little bit of Brooklyn and BOOM! Brooklyn Cupcake was born! I think of myself as a cupcake connoisseur (trust me, I've tried them all) and these are the creme de la creme! There's a reason why Daily News and Zagat have recognized Brooklyn Cupcake and they're always creating new and innovative flavors to try... My new favorites? Their banana pudding that comes in an adorably decorated jar and the rainbow cookie cupcake is EVERYTHING with the chocolate drizzle on top!

All this weekend, for KTU listeners, you can get $10 off your online order and 10% off your in-store orders with code iHeartThis ! If you have a birthday or celebration coming up, do yourself a favor and do it big with Brooklyn Cupcake!



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