Luis Fonsi Talks Being In A Band With *NSYNC Member Joey Fatone

Luis Fonsi joined Lulu Y Lala in studio to talk his hit new single, "Despacito," performing the song with Justin Bieber and remembered a time him and Joey Fatone of *NSYNC were in a band called The Big Guys. 

He never expected the fame that was to come with his song Despacito. The Spanish song reached #1 and the first person Luis called was his wife of course! Everybody else involved with the song was thanked after that because let's face it... they had a lot to celebrate! The last predominately Spanish song to reach #1 was La Macarena in 1996! 

Luis says he hasn't been in contact with Bieber too much but they did do an impromptu performance of the song in Puerto Rico together. It was totally improvised said Luis. They just did a little bit of the song above the track and that was that. He would love the opportunity to sing with him again soon! 

After some extensive research, Lulu y Lala showed Luis a video they found of him with *NSYNC's Joey Fatone singing in the 9th grade chorus together. Well that's a TBT! His band 'The Big Guys' helped me become more social, and feel accepted during his time in high school. He still sees them once or twice a year which we think is amazing! 

Congrats on all your success Luis! 

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