VIDEO: Boy's First Time Meeting His New Baby Brother Is Heart Melting

Meeting a new sibling for the very first time is a huge moment in a kid's life. Every parent hopes that it goes well and the older child instantly falls in love with his or her new baby brother or sister. But sometimes the older sibling is immediately overcome with jealousy and resentment.

The parents of young Kent and baby Noah couldn't have asked for a better first meeting, and the video of their encounter has gone viral.

Noah is just weeks old but he's known since the day he was born that he has the best big brother he could have asked for.

The video shows four-year-old Kent eagerly running into his mother's hospital room to meet his baby brother and give him a blue stuffed animal.

He then climbs up into the bed to get a close look at Noah and melts hearts with his adorable reaction. He's absolutely giddy and keeps giving him sweet smooches.

The video has been viewed 53 million times on Facebook.

Last weekend, an Amtrak train was stalled on the tracks in Delaware and the passengers didn’t know how long they’d be waiting.

So, someone on the train dialed up a nearby pizza restaurant and ordered some pies for delivery to the train.

Longtime pizza deliveryman Jim Leary found the train and was able to get the pizzas to the frustrated and hungry passengers.

Jim, who’s been in the delivery business for 17 years, says he’s delivered pizzas in 28 states, but never to a train.

 He was happy to help the hungry people out, but ended up calling the adventure nothing more than a "day's work."

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