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It's National Wine Daaaaay! And today, I decided to celebrate by giving my buddies here on the morning show a special treat! I never understood boxed wines until my sister Liz came to visit over the holidays. She couldn't believe that I would open a bottle of wine and only have one glass. She said, "Girrrrrl, you gotta get on the boxed wine! You can have as little or as much as you want and it's good for like 30 days!" I will be honest, I had some preconceived ideas about boxed wine...I thought it's cheap, so it can't possibly be good.  

Well, I am happy to admit that I was SO wrong. Black Box Wine is pretty much never in stock at my local wine shop because it's THAT good! I've searched high and low for my favorite box of wine and it's great to have on hand for those nights when you just want a glass of wine to drink with dinner. I was so excited to see that Black Box released their Rose just in time for summer! It's a crisp and refreshing dry Rose with aromas and flavors of strawberry, watermelon and white peach. It's perfect for a hot summer day (if we can get one of those soon please!) and a nice way to unwind after a long day at work.

Right now you can sign up for and redeem points for every Black Box you purchase. I am positive, after you try it once, you'll become a fan just like me!  For more info on Black Box Wines head here!

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