VIDEO: Teacher Goes Above And Beyond To Help Student Graduate

It's often said that a teacher's job isn't done when they leave the classroom, and one Georgia teacher is a perfect example of that.

Personal issues prevented 19-year-old Jamias Howard from attending classes in his final semester of high school and it looked like he wouldn't graduate. Then Kimberly Wimbish stepped up. The special education teacher met up with Jamias after school at a library, a park and even a Burger King for private tutoring. She taught him the entire curriculum and graded his work.

When Kimberly found out that Jamias would have enough credits to graduate, she exploded with excitement and couldn't wait to tell him.

Kimberly drove to Jamias' house and presented him with his graduation cap and gown. She told him he was graduating this Saturday and needs to be at rehearsal. His reaction was priceless

Good Samaritans Rescue Cat Stuck In Tree

A Kitty was stuck in a tree on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and couldn’t get down for a while! A large crowd gathered Tuesday in front of Mario’s Restaurant to watch Zuccaro (the cat) as he contemplated his options.

But no firefighters were needed to rescue this guy because passersby's managed to coax him down. Cats find it easy to climb trees  because of their claws, but getting down is the hard part because they prefer moving head first, which means they have nothing to support their weight.

Luckily these good samaritans were there to help coach Zuccaro down the tree!

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