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This one is a simple solution for moms who have a problem with their kiddos like I do...I did the research and got these for myself, so you know they're good! My baby Asher has Herculean strength and I found that those dinky bibs with Velcro were no match for him. I graduated to snap button bibs and those didn't stand a chance either. I searched high and low and found a shop on etsy that has adorable, customizable bibs with the sturdiest snap button so your toddler can't pry it off!  

Simply Bibs come in every color imaginable, are made of thick vinyl, are lead free and totally functional for even the messiest babies!  I've found that after using Simply Bibs, my laundry basket for Asher is not as overflowing as it used to be because he's not making as much of a mess, but let's be honest, IT'S STILL FULL.  When it's time to wash your Simply Bib, all you have to do is pop it in the sink, rinse and you're ready for your next feeding!  

Today only, for KTU listeners, Simply Bibs is offering 10% off your order plus free shipping with code iheartthis ! To order, head here today!

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