VIDEO: Hunter College Student Misses Graduation, Has Ceremony On Subway

A Hunter College graduate Jerich Alcantara missed out on his commencement ceremony because he was stuck on a severely delayed E train, so his fellow train takers banded together and helped him celebrate on the subway.

One of his pals sprung into action, presenting him with a “diploma” scribbled on his cellphone as another rider played the Green Day song “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” A video posted on social media shows Jerich in his cap and gown as a crowd watches the impromptu ceremony.

At one point, Jerich gave hugs to several strangers on the train. He said the subway ceremony was totally spontaneous. When the grad and his friends finally got off the train, they rushed to Hunter College’s Brookdale campus — only to discover the ceremony was over. He said it was okay though,  and that his close friends threw him his own little graduation. And that it was a great time. And he even got a shoutout on Twitter from Hunter College, who posted the whole video of the subway ceremony. Congrats Jerich!



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