PHOTO: First Photos Released Of Taylor Swift With Her New Boyfriend

The first photos have been published of Taylor Swift with her boyfriend.

The paparazzi stalked the pair in London. Then followed them to the airport. Several pictures show Joe Alwyn climbing aboard Taylor’s private jet. A few minutes later, she followed him up the steps.

The images are blurry, taken from a long distance, and both of them wore hoodies. These pictures could easily be mistaken for the fake photos of Bigfoot.

Like the mythical creature, Taylor has been reclusive. A friend told E! News “She doesn’t want the photos, the hysteria, the speculation. Don’t expect this to play out like her other relationships. She’s taking it seriously and keeping her private life separate.”

According to the flight plan, Taylor’s jet was headed toward the United States. Joe Alwyn intends on relocating to be closer to her. He’s also desperate to get his foot in the door at Hollywood.

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