Craig David Doesn't Mind Talking About His Old Music


Craig David sat down with Wendy Wild at KTUphoria to talk about not only his new music, but his early work, as well. While some artists don't like talking about their older songs, Craig loves when fans tell him how much they love his classic songs. He believes this shows that his music has stood the test of time, which is definitely a privilege not all artists get. 

Even though he enjoys reminiscing about the old days, he's been loving seeing new people join his fan base. It always cracks him up when teenagers hear his new songs think they've discovered a brand new artist. He brings the hype in his live performances, though, so he can continue making new fans. 


Craig revealed he likes to workout a lot, which is how he stays energized with his busy schedule. Even though he's in his thirties now, he still feels young. Even though he feels young, he loves the feeling of owning his adulthood.


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